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Unexpected Abundance - Print

Unexpected Abundance - Print

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Unexpected Abundance:
The Fruitful Lives of Women Without Children.

Elizabeth Felicetti.

Soft cover 176pp.
ISBN 9780802882349.
Eerdmans (2023).
[Allow 4 weeks].

Meet 25 women who generated life without giving birth.

Biblical women like Mary Magdalene, medieval mystics like Julian of Norwich, and modern activists like Rosa Parks did not have children, yet their lives bore fruit in their communities and in the church at large.

In reflecting on her own experience alongside those of these remarkable women, Episcopal priest Felicetti deepens our understanding of the many ways to be fruitful. Women without children – by choice or chance – who have felt frustrated or voiceless in the church will find solidarity and inspiration in the pages of Unexpected Abundance.

“As a woman without children myself, I treasure the cloud of witnesses Felicetti has gathered together in this bold new book to attest to the abundant possibilities of a life aside from motherhood. What wonderful company we find ourselves in! Mary Magdalene, Clare of Assisi, Elizabeth I, Pauli Murray, Dolly Parton, and more. Unexpected Abundance will be a faithful and fierce companion for women who have chosen or are discerning this path.” Heidi Haverkamp, Episcopal priest and author of Everyday Connections: Reflections and Practices for Year B
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