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Theme Scheme: 3rd edition - eBooks.

Theme Scheme: 3rd edition - eBooks.

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Theme Scheme: Creative Ideas, Social Programmes for All Ages and Stages, Activities, Games & Quizzes: 3rd edition

By Rosalie Sugrue

You are buying a zipped file containing eBook editions of this 180 page book in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats.

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This updated and expanded 3rd edition of Theme Scheme offers you a wealth of creative ideas, activities, games, plays and quizzes to help plan, organise and lead your group’s programmes. All are fun and practical, requiring minimal equipment, resources, and time to prepare.

The first section covers a whole year, month-by-month, to help you celebrate New Zealand and international anniversaries, national days, organisations and causes.

Games are a wonderful way for folk to mix and get to know one another. There are easy instructions for indoor and outdoor games suitable for active, young people, through to less mobile, older people. Great for convenors, leaders, teachers, and diversional therapists.

The book also includes sound, straightforward guidelines for running small group meetings, covering rules for happy meetings, an agenda and minutes structure, and the role of the person leading the meeting.

Special Sundays and church related activities through the year are highlighted. This section also notes related plays and readings in Rosalie’s companion book Ten Plays: Short, easy dramas for churches (available in print and as an eBook).

The last two sections of material for themed quizzes and trivia competitions on general and Bible topics will keep your group entertained and interacting with each other throughout the year.

What's changed in this 3rd edition

In the first section – Months of the Year – dates for National Observances and Appeals have been updated, discontinued events deleted, and new entries added.

In the chapter for January we have added another set of years for Chinese Animal symbols for 2032-2043. We have also added graphics for the Animal symbols and for the Signs of the Zodiac.

We have added a section on Celebrating Significant Birthdays for older people, traditional gifts for milestone Wedding Anniversaries, and Birthstones, Colours and Flowers for Birthday months.

In the Games section, we have added:

  • A new large space game: Paper Track-Wheel Races
  • Long Table Games for several people, which are ideal for elderly and mobility impaired persons
  • Small Table Games for 2 to 4 people
  • Competitions with a message
  • Craft activities
  • Themed Word searches
  • Outside Games

Website links have been checked and updated.

In the Quizzes section, lists of Māori words have been expanded.

And countries statistics have been updated to include the latest population sizes and life expectancy.


About this Updated and Expanded Third edition

Introduction — Themed Gatherings


  • Month of Janus
  • January Ideas


  • February National Observances and Appeals


  • March National Observances and Appeals


  • April National Observances and Appeals


  • May National Observances and Appeals


  • June National Observances and Appeals


  • July National Observances and Appeals


  • August National Observances and Appeals


  • September National Observances and Appeals


  • October National Observances and Appeals


November National Observances and Appeals


  • December National Observances and Appeals

Celebrate Significant Birthdays & Anniversaries

  • Celebrating Birthdays
  • Significant Birthdays for seniors may call for a party celebration
  • Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries
  • Birthstones, Colours and Flowers by Month

Games & Activities

  • Parlour Games
  • Moving and Mixing Games
  • Party Games for Active People
  • Chanting Games
  • Games for Young People
  • Large-space Games — for energetic, suitably clad, young people
  • Outside Games
  • Back yard / neighbourhood games (unstructured play)
  • Long table games
  • Table games for small tables
  • Progressive Pairs
  • Competitions with a message
  • Additional activities
  • Games for Christmas

Ideas for Church Groups

  • General pointers
  • Fellowship Meetings
  • Minute Minder and Agenda Guide
  • Role of ‘Person in Charge of Meeting’ (PCM)
  • Special Sundays and Church Related Activities

Quizzes on General Topics

  • Days of the Week Gods
  • Greek and Roman Gods and Goddess
  • Planets named after Roman Gods
  • Famous Couples
  • New Zealand Facts
  • Facts about other countries
  • Famous New Zealand Books and Authors
  • Māori gods and goddesses
  • Māori Words
  • Famous Kiwis
  • Animal Quizzes
  • Word Teasers
  • Words within Words
  • Common Expressions: Are they from Shakespeare or the Bible?

Bible Quizzes

  • Biblical Journeys
  • Biblical Places
  • Biblical Partners and Lovers
  • Food in the Bible
  • Flowers, Fruit and Nuts in the Bible
  • Bible Foods and Who Ate them
  • Bible Children with stories
  • Bible Mothers and their Children
  • Bible Fathers and their Sons in Genesis
  • Other Biblical Fathers and their Sons
  • Biblical Fathers and their Daughters
  • Bible Trees
  • Who or What completes the phrase?
  • Bible Characters synonymous with a particular action or quality
  • Bible Firsts and Lasts
  • Bible Numbers
  • Bible Riddles


About this Book

About the Author

Other books by Rosalie Sugrue published by Philip Garside Publishing Ltd


About the Author

Rosalie Sugrue has been organising programmes all her life.

Rosalie went through Girl Guides, helped with Brownies and was a Boys Brigade leader. She has taken leadership in Sundays Schools, Youth Groups and student camps.

A feminist at heart, Rosalie was instrumental in bringing women into full membership of New Zealand Jaycees, being the first woman to ever address a Jaycee Conference as a (local) member (Rotorua 1974). She has held various positions in National Council of Women, been the National Programme Convenor of the Methodist Women’s Fellowship and organised countless meetings, socials, and U3A groups.

Although retired from primary school teaching, she continues to tutor struggling readers and achieves success by inventing educational games and activities geared to each student’s needs.

All games and activities in this book have been successfully used in groups that Rosalie has led.

Retired to the Kapiti Coast Rosalie is a lay preacher and has plays, poems, prayers, Bible puzzles and articles published in many church magazines in NZ including a regular Bible Challenge puzzle in Touchstone. She also has work included in devotional anthologies in Canada, the UK and the US. Her prayers have been used in diverse national conferences including Baptist Women in America and Bishops in Ireland.

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