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Hodder Faith

The Power of Ideas - Print

The Power of Ideas - Print

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The Power of Ideas: Words of Faith and Wisdom

By Jonathan Sacks

Soft cover, 400pp.
ISBN 9781399800020
Hodder Faith (2023)

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One of the world’s great voices for moral, spiritual, and historical awareness and for global peace’ The John Templeton Foundation

This volume brings together the most compelling selection of Jonathan Sacks’ BBC Radio broadcasts, columns from The Times, and a range of articles published in the world’s most respected newspapers, along with his House of Lords speeches and keynote lectures.

First heard and read in many different contexts, these pieces demonstrate with striking coherence the developing power of Sacks’ ideas, on faith and philosophy alike. In each instance he brings to bear deep insights into the immediate situation at the time – and yet it is as if we hear him speaking to us afresh, giving us new strength to face the challenges and complexities of today’s world.

His words of faith and wisdom shine as a beacon of enduring light in an increasingly conflicted cultural climate, and prove the timeless nature and continued relevance of his thought and teachings.

The choice with which humankind is faced is between the idea of power and power of ideas.

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