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St. Martin’s Essentials

Surviving Storms - Print

Surviving Storms - Print

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Surviving Storms:
Finding the Strength to Meet Adversity.

Mark Nepo.

Hard cover 288pp.  
ISBN 9781250862150.
St. Martin’s Essentials (2022).
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Spiritual teacher Mark Nepo explores the art and practice of meeting adversity by using the timeless teachings of the heart.

We live in a turbulent time. Storms are everywhere, of every size and shape. And like every generation before us, we must learn the art of surviving them, so we can help each other endure.

In order to stand firm against life’s unavoidable storms, we need to know our true self, deepening our roots and solidifying our connection to all Spirit and all life. Then we, like a firmly rooted tree, can endure the force of trials and heartbreak.

A profoundly timely resource, Surviving Storms describes the heart’s process of renewal and connection with insight and accuracy. Though we must each map the territories of our souls for ourselves, this spiritually practical book is an indispensable guide, bringing us to common passages and paths and urging us forward on the journey. Once the rubble clears, we, like those before us, are inevitably called to build the world one more time, admitting that we need each other.

“Through twenty beautiful books of prose and poetry, Mark Nepo has shown us that life is a bottomless well of meaning when plumbed with the poetic imagination that is his hallmark.
Now he’s done it again with his insightful and empowering reflections on finding the strength to meet adversity. We need this book as we grieve our losses from climate change, a world-wide pandemic, war and threats of war, and radical inequality. Mark looks straight into the challenges we face, and still finds hope in our shared journey.
The key, he says, is “staying devoted to the difficult and beautiful journey of being human.” That’s exactly what he does in this superb exploration. Count me among the deeply grateful.” Parker J. Palmer, author of On the Brink of Everything, Let Your Life Speak and A Hidden Wholeness
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