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Strategic Thinking - Print

Strategic Thinking - Print

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Strategic Thinking: How to Sustain Effective Ministry.

Thomas G. Bandy.

Pbk 202pp.
ISBN 9781501849619.
Abingdon Press (2017).
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Church leaders often do not know how to think strategically, looking around and ahead to keep pace with society. Five year plans become irrelevant after five weeks. Strategies generated from leadership retreats collect dust in closets.

Bandy provides step-by-step plans to guide church leaders to set boundaries, align resources to visions, and hold church leaders and members accountable for integrity and purpose.

In this book, you will learn how to reliably and regularly research the community surrounding your church, discern divine presence, and assess effectiveness. You’ll find tools to help you set priorities and have the courage to take reasonable risks.

It is possible for church leaders to think strategically. Don’t unnecessarily throw up your hands in despair, react to whatever happens next, or surrender to some authority (individual or institutional) that will tell you what to do.

The methods in this book provide a way to make good decisions and timely adjustments to get measurable results.

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