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Meaning in the Moment - Print

Meaning in the Moment - Print

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Meaning in the Moment: How Rituals Help Us Move Through Joy, Pain, and Everything in Between.

By Amy F. Davis Abdallah

Soft cover 224pp
ISBN 9781587435812
Brazos Press (2023)

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Life has its ups and downs, and it can feel like we’re always in the middle of a transition.

Whether it’s a painful end or a joyful beginning - or even an uncertain middle - theologian and minister Amy Davis Abdallah has found something that helps: rituals. She shows why we need rituals to help survive and even thrive through various seasons of life.

A theologian and minister, she offers tools for creating effective rituals that explore their meaning and mystery for marking the ends, middles, and beginnings of life.

Starting with the foundation that rituals are a core, and underexplored, part of Christian practice, Davis Abdallah draws from theology, psychology, and personal experiences in creating rituals for herself and others.

She offers practical guidance for readers to create their own meaningful rituals, including three types requiring varying levels of planning and participation: right now, with friends, and at church.

Readers will emerge with fresh ways to bring their faith to life for themselves, their families, and their church communities--and ready to experience the transformative power of rituals.

“Davis Abdallah has given Christians a beautiful gift in inviting us into the transformative power of rituals in all of life. Anyone will benefit from this book.”

Constance M. Cherry, professor emeritus of worship and pastoral ministries, Indiana Wesleyan University

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