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Abingdon Press

Heaven and Earth: Leader Guide - Print

Heaven and Earth: Leader Guide - Print

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Heaven and Earth - Leader Guide:  Advent and the Incarnation

By William H Willimon

Soft cover, 64pp
ISBN 9781791029050
Abingdon Press (2023)

[Allow 4 weeks]

In Advent we celebrate and anticipate the earth-shaking, life-transforming good news that God is coming to us. Watch out. Get ready. God is on the way.

It's not within our own power to make a fresh start. If we're to have a future different from the past, it must come as a gift, something not of our devising. 

What we need is a God who refuses to be trapped in eternity, a God who not only cares about us but is willing to show up among us and do something with us, here, now. 

Willimon introduces you to the God who does just that, bringing heaven to earth and changing everything. 

Additional components to use the book as a four-week small group study include a DVD with 4 video sessions featuring Will Willimon.

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