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Abingdon Press

God Turned Toward Us - Print

God Turned Toward Us - Print

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God Turned Toward Us: The ABCs of Christian Faith.

By William H Willimon.

Soft cover 192pp
ISBN 9781791018894
Abingdon Press (2021)
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Talk the talk and walk the walk. The challenge of the Christian life is learning to talk Christian.

Somebody has got to tell us, give us the words that open the door to the faith called Christian. 

The book’s short, meditative reflections on key concepts are accessible guides for Christians, new or longstanding.

Reading God Turned Towards Us is like walking through a diamond mine. The opening segment on “Abortion” is itself worth the price of the book! Consider these gems: On the Cross: “The cross is a mirror that reflects who we really are as well as a window where we are given a privileged look into the heart of who God is.” On Sanctification: “The Gospels depict the disciples on a continual road trip. They journey, not only step-by-step closer to Jerusalem but also day-by day closer to Christ, that is, sanctification.”
Mike Lowry, Resident Bishop of the Central Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church

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