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God’s Good Earth in Crisis - Print

God’s Good Earth in Crisis - Print

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God’s Good Earth in Crisis: Liturgies of Lament.

By Anne Rowthorn; Jeffery Rowthorn eds.

Soft cover 236pp.
1.2cm H x 22.9cm L x 15.2cm W (0.32 kgs)
ISBN 9781666779530
Cascade Books (2024).

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God’s Good Earth in Crisis offers a poignant collection of liturgies focusing on lament in the face of environmental degradation and loss.

Edited by Anne and Jeffery Rowthorn, this book reintroduces the often-neglected element of lament into Christian worship, highlighting its importance for authentic and transformative engagement with God.

Each liturgy serves as a complete worship service based on specific themes, while also functioning as an anthology of prayers and litanies.

This essential resource is designed for communities seeking to reclaim the power of collective lament, providing a means to voice grief, combat despair, and connect with God.

Margaret Bullitt-Jonas commends this stunning collection for its ability to equip congregations to live faithfully, serve God, and care for the sacred earth.

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