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Faith Forever Singing - MP3 Audio tracks - Digital

Faith Forever Singing - MP3 Audio tracks - Digital

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Faith Forever Singing: MP3 Digital Music set


27 x CD quality MP3 files, Sung by Wellington adult and youth choirs.

Note: This collection of MP3 files does not contain recordings of all 80 hymns in the book, just a selection.

Released 2000

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Listing of all tracks including names of, first, the writer of the words, and second, the composer of the music. 

  1. Song of faith, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  2. I am the vine, Shirley Murray/Ian Render
  3. And Jesus said, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  4. Fancy Noah (Rainbow people), Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  5. Welcome the child, Shirley Murray/Barry Brinson
  6. When our lives know sudden shadow, Shirley Murray/Ian Render
  7. E te Ariki kia aroha mai, traditional/Ian Render
  8. Come and find the quiet centre, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  9. Maker of mystery, Marnie Barrell/Colin Gibson
  10. Broken the body, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  11. For the crowd (Easter City), Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  12. God speed you on your way, Shirley Murray/Shona Murray
  13. Peace to you, sisters, brothers, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  14. We are the singers, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  15. These hills, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  16. Whispering gently, Bill Bennett/Bill Bennett
  17. Lullaby, sing lullaby, Shirley Murray/Peter Godfrey
  18. Dream a dream, Shirley Murray/Nigel Eastgate
  19. Let me be kind to you, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  20. I’m a fishbowl Christian, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  21. For everyone born, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  22. In the singing, in the silence, Shirley Murray/Carlton Young
  23. In the quiet of this day, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
  24. We are many, we are one, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  25. God of the Bible, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  26. Let there be respect for the earth, Churches/Colin Gibson
  27. Where the love of God is guiding, Shirley Murray/Jillian Bray
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