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Discipleship for Every Stage of Life - Print

Discipleship for Every Stage of Life - Print

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Discipleship for Every Stage of Life: Understanding Christian Formation in Light of Human Development.

By Chris A. Kiesling

Soft cover 216pp
1.6cm H x 22.6cm L x 15.2cm W (0.3 kgs)
ISBN 9781540965943
Baker Academic (2024)

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This valuable resource for anyone involved in ministry, provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and fostering Christian formation across people’s whole life span.

Drawing on 25 years of teaching experience, Kiesling integrates insights from the field of life span development with biblical teachings, offering a robust toolkit for ministry leaders, pastors, and educators.

This book explores the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of human development from infancy through older adulthood, providing practical applications for church and educational settings.

Kiesling’s approach helps readers think comprehensively about discipleship, ensuring that faith formation is informed, intentional, and responsive to the developmental needs of all age groups.

Colleen Derr of Eastern Nazarene College commends this work as a thoughtful and practical resource that will inspire and inform the faith formation of individuals at every stage of life.

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