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Dear Revolutionaries - Print

Dear Revolutionaries - Print

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Dear Revolutionaries: A Field Guide for a World beyond the Church.

Lenny Duncan.

Soft cover, 112pp.
ISBN 9781506479064.
Broadleaf Books (2023).
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In an earlier book Lenny Duncan had a vision for a church that could reform itself into something new. Four years, an uprising, and a pandemic later, Lenny contends that we don’t need a reformation – we need a revolution. Dear Revolutionaries gives readers the tools for spiritual community led by the people in a world beyond the church.

Casting a vision for a new spiritual future led by the people, Dear Revolutionaries offers a series of peace-building practices that will give readers the tools to build, guide, and care for spiritual community in a world beyond the church.

This is a handbook for a new generation that sees, clear-eyed, the series of catastrophes we have inherited, the road that lies ahead, and the improbability of victory. The institutional church is concerned with reviving itself. God is concerned with reviving the community within and beyond the walls of the church. Dear Revolutionaries is a book for the community who is ready to rise up and build something new from the ashes.
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