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Conversations in a Coffee Shop – 3 Book set – Print.

Conversations in a Coffee Shop – 3 Book set – Print.

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Wherever You Are, You Are On The Journey
We’re All Equally Human &
Being Woman in the World:
 Three Print Book set

By Susan Jones
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Wherever You Are, You Are On The Journey: Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 1

Published:  2021
Language: English
Words: 43,130
B/W text, 134 pp, 6″ x 9″
Soft cover
ISBN: 9781988572826


Have you been religiously inclined for a while, but feel that there is more to Christian faith than is told on Sundays? Perhaps your current ideas about God, about Jesus and about what it means to live well, no longer satisfy you? Maybe you are questioning whether the firmly held beliefs you grew up with are going to be useful in the next stage of your life?

Don’t panic! You have simply reached a transition point in your faith journey. It’s time for a change and it will be unsettling.

Through the medium of weekly conversations in a local café Susan Jones creatively explores what it’s like to live through this threshold of faith, by telling us the story of Hope, a young woman who has followed the religious rules all her life but is ready to move on.

We’re All Equally Human: Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 2

Published: 2022
Language: English
Words: 62,030
B/W text, 194pp, 6″ x 9″
Soft cover
ISBN: 9781988572970


Meet Charity; young, lesbian, Christian, in a happy relationship with Katy and disturbed by her church’s attitude to LGBTQI people after taking part in its national conference.

Through regular conversations in the local café with her supportive minister, Charity shares her experiences, and gains new insights and confidence about her identity and role in her local church.

She learns that interpretations and translations of so-called anti-homosexual key Bible texts are recent, wrong and don’t cover loving committed adult same sex relationships.

Importantly, after studying research on how people adopt new ideas with her minister, Charity learns that people can change their mind and their attitudes, but that this happens at different paces for different people.

Being Woman in the World: Conversations in a Coffee Shop Book 3

Published: 2022
Language: English
B/W text, 220pp
Words: 67,600
Soft cover
ISBN 9781991027320


Have you wondered why people treat women as they do?
What makes it hard to be a woman?
Don’t be ashamed you haven’t worked it out. The situation is complex.

It’s more tricky if you are travelling a spiritual journey. Women face complications in religious settings.

In her first year away from home, university student Faith meets her woman minister friend for coffee fortnightly. They discuss basic assumptions about women and men, the world, human beings and ‘waking up.’ They peer into scripture to excavate stories of a diversity of women; daughters, wives, prophets, breadwinners, victims and survivors, leaders and risk-takers.

Between hot chocolates and hazelnut lattes, Faith and her soul-guide delve into misogyny and theology. They study women’s leadership and ministry experiences. They laugh and cry, they rejoice and are angry, they think and dream.

Through her coffeeshop conversations, Faith discovers the quiet sound of her own inner voice. She recognises and nurtures it. She begins the journey of being a woman in the world.  

About the author

Susan is no stranger to being ‘other’ as she’s negotiated faith and gender issues.  Her writing has been honed as a teacher, spiritual director, supervisor and minister.  She’s completed a doctorate in theology too.

Susan engages respectfully with diverse beliefs and opinions, distilling complex ideas, making change accessible.  Life feels possible, hopeful after conversations with her, both in and out of coffee shops.  She brings a gentle, quirky sense of humour to her writing

Susan’s coffee shop conversations trilogy, integrates years of church study, scholarly observation, struggle and no small measure of pain, undergirded by authenticity, deep faith, and a sense of the numinous.

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