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Christmaker - Print

Christmaker - Print

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Christmaker: A Life of John the Baptist.

By James F. McGrath

Soft cover 184pp
1.4cm H x 22.6cm L x 15.0cm W (0.27 kgs)
ISBN 9780802884008
Eerdmans (2024)

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McGrath offers a fresh and comprehensive look at the life of John the Baptist, revealing him as more than just a precursor to Jesus.

Esteemed New Testament scholar McGrath delves into overlooked details in Scripture and historical sources to portray John as a significant religious leader in his own right.

From his miraculous conception to his execution by Herod Antipas, McGrath covers the key events of John’s life, providing rich context about his social and religious world.

This book explores John’s impact on Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and introduces readers to the Mandaeans, who consider themselves John’s disciples.

Joan Taylor of King’s College, London, describes Christmaker as a creative and wide-ranging exploration that reimagines John as an influential prophet.

This work is perfect for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of John the Baptist and his historical significance.

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