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Bible Reading Fellowship

At Home in Lent - Print

At Home in Lent - Print

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At Home in Lent: An exploration of Lent through 46 objects.

Gordon Giles.

Soft cover 192pp.
ISBN 9780857465894.
Bible Reading Fellowship (2023).

[Allow 4 weeks].

Here’s an original way of approaching Lent, one that will encourage you to consider your own faith journey in the light of the Easter story. Inspired by Neil MacGregor’s Radio 4 programme, ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’, Gordon Giles spends each week in a different room gleaning spiritual lessons from everyday household objects.

As a result, you might discover that finding God in the normal pattern of life – even in the mundane – transforms how you approach each day.

Running as a thread through it all are the seven Rs of Lent: regret, repentance, resolution, recognition, reconciliation, renewal and resurrection.


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