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Alleluia Aotearoa - MP3 Audio tracks - Digital

Alleluia Aotearoa - MP3 Audio tracks - Digital

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Alleluia Aotearoa – MP3 Audio tracks

You are buying a zipped file containing 22 CD quality MP3 files.

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22 Hymns

Note:  The zipped file does not contain recordings of all 163 hymns in the book, just a selection

Recorded in conjunction with Radio New Zealand

This track list includes names of, first, the writer of the words, and second, the composer of the music. 

  1.  Lift up your hearts, Michael Perry/Christopher Norton
  2. Our life has its seasons, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  3. When the storm winds blow, John Weir/Gerard Crotty
  4. Sing a happy alleluia! Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  5. With a hoot and a toot, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  6. Light of lights beholden, Jenny McLeod/Jenny McLeod
  7. The majesty of mountains, Michael Perry/Christopher Norton
  8. Great ring of light, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  9. Jesus comes to me, Joy Cowley/Ian Render
  10. Hail, Mary, full of grace! Marnie Barrell/Douglas Mews
  11. Child of Christmas story, Shirley Murray/Richard Madden
  12. The Kingdom is within you, Cecily Sheehy/Cecily Sheehy
  13. Come to the celebration, Marnie Barrell/Marnie Barrell
  14. God of the galaxies, Shirley Murray/Douglas Mews
  15. Lord of all love, Colin Gibson/Colin Gibson
  16. Gentle God, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  17.  Join hands in the Spirit, Radha Wardrop/Radha Wardrop
  18. Take my gifts, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  19. From the waiting comes the sign, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  20. Here is the place, Shirley Murray/Colin Gibson
  21. For the bread and wine and blessing, Shirley Murray/Guy Jansen
  22. May the mystery of God enfold us, Joy Cowley/Ian Render 
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