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A Theology of Play - Print

A Theology of Play - Print

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A Theology of Play: Learning to Enjoy Life as God Intended.

By Kevin M. Gushiken

Soft cover 176pp.
1.2cm H x 21.4cm L x 13.6cm W (0.2 kgs)
ISBN 9780825448652
Kregel Academic (2024)

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In A Theology of Play, Kevin M. Gushiken invites readers to rediscover the joy and freedom that come with play as an integral part of the Christian life.

Gushiken argues that play is not just an activity but a way of living that reflects God's intentions for human flourishing.

Drawing on biblical and theological insights, he explores how an identity grounded in God's creation encourages play, connects it with the concept of Sabbath, and offers freedom from past hurts and false guilt.

This book provides practical guidance on integrating play into daily life, even amidst difficulties, helping believers experience the abundant life Jesus promises.

A Theology of Play is a must-read for Christians seeking to embrace play as a vital element of their faith journey.

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