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The Spirit Walk - PDF

The Spirit Walk - PDF

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The Spirit Walk - PDF

By Anna Johnstone

90pp, landscape.
Colour photographs throughout
Published by: Johnstone2 Photography (2020).
ISBN 9780473278625.

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Anna pairs her wise, spirit-filled words with beautiful photographs to create another delightful, heart-warming book.

Dip into this book:

  • for inspiration, enjoyment and comfort
  • to share in worship services, Quiet Days and retreats and
  • to find spiritual nourishment for hungry hearts.


"The Spirit Walk would be ideal for a morning quiet time. Each piece deserves to be savoured, read without rush, several times through - after that taking time to allow the Holy Spirit who speaks through Anna to have his own conversation with you. 

Our imagination is the door by which we enter the experience of faith - and The Spirit Walk overflows with the creative power of imagination. I don’t mean that Anna’s encounters with the Holy Spirit are only imaginary, but that the creative and vivid power of her imagination is the gift she offers us, inviting us to participate in the joy and peace she discovers in exploring the presence of the Holy Spirit of God.

Anna takes us on a walk through the Bible, alert to the mentions and glimpses of the Holy Spirit along the way. She considers what it means to be three-in-one, and how we experience the divine presence in Father, Son and Holy Spirit - but though it has real depth of reflection, this book is not hard work to read.

Anna’s special gift lies in helping us see how daily life and family relationships are alight with the loving  presence of God. The world shines with the beauty of creation, and love watches over us every day.

Touching upon both happy times and adversity - whether the laughter of a shared joke between husband and wife, or the chemo patient in the hospice shop looking for a new outfit, to look good again after being ill for so long - Anna shows us how the Holy Spirit is intimately involved with our lives, not far off in  distant realms but there with us in the kitchen, in the city street, by the ocean, in our arguments as much as in our friendships, and in the depths of silence.

There is so much here, both in the written reflections and the wonderful photography that communicates what words cannot say. I am quite certain you are going to love this beautiful book. Thank you, Anna."
Penelope Wilcock

Praise for The Spirit Walk

"As a visual artist I appreciate how Anna paints pictures with words and responds to scripture with insight, integrity and transparency.

She approaches the Holy Spirit with direct and probing questions, like “How to paint pictures of Mystery?” then reveals her struggle to find just the right words and concludes with this amazing line “perfect brilliance, perfect gold, perfect light”. In another poem she searches the Psalms and the Gospels longing for holy places and intimacy in God’s presence with words that spoke to my soul, “I am held in the gold of a burning bush”. 

Anna also writes about her precious family, special friends and the joy she experiences with a woman she encounters in the hospice shop where she volunteers. Accompanying these poems are excellent photographs composed lovingly with her artistic eye.

We are soul mates and I value our friendship of many years. She has a deep desire to know the “Holy Three of Love” more intimately, and for us to draw closer to Love and be blessed as well."

Cynthia Porter, Visual Artist, Owen Sound, Canada

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