Collection: Poems - Parables - Psalms - Haiku - 4 eBook set

Here’s a four-eBook bundle of books for your reading pleasure, to reflect on and to share.

Parables and Poems

A captivating exploration of faith and everyday life in New Zealand.

Metaphors, imagery, and stories with deep emotional connections provide a timeless window into the teachings of Jesus.

With evocative photos, Simon’s words deliver a powerful yet subtle spiritual message that will resonate with readers.

The In-Between Land

These beautifully crafted psalms, poems and haiku capture the sense of hurt, frustration, and despair felt by those affected by the 2010-2011 earthquakes in Christchurch, while also offering praise and hope for a better tomorrow.

Through his reflective and spiritual writing, Gibson creates a moving collection that enlightens readers and encourages an appreciation of the natural world.

A Celebration Of Life

Meg Hartfield leads us into a world full of faith, courage, and love.

Her poems, artfully retell the story of Jesus’ life, beckoning us to explore the mystery of God’s presence among us. Meg’s vivid writing, gives us an intimate glimpse into the thoughts and emotions of the Bible characters who met Jesus, allowing us to discover and relate to their struggles.

The power of her words will lift your spirits and renew your faith. Let her inspirational verses fill your heart with joy!

Redemption Songs

Explore this one-of-a-kind book inspired by two Jewish men – King David and Leonard Cohen – who left a spiritual legacy of love and hope expressed through their spiritual psalms.

Following in their footsteps, these 71 songs serve as open-ended responses to The Psalms, inviting divine insight with every read.

Mark Laurent ushers in surprises for all seekers of spiritual truths.

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These books are also available in print and as separate eBooks.