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Liturgical Press

The Most Important Words of Jesus - Print

The Most Important Words of Jesus - Print

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The Most Important Words of Jesus.

By Gerhard Lohfink.

Hardback 360pp.
ISBN 9780814668504
Liturgical Press (2023)

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Dive into the heart of Jesus's teachings with Gerhard Lohfink. This captivating book unveils 70 powerful sayings of Jesus that left an unforgettable impact on his disciples.

Lohfink explores the clear, vivid, and deeply meaningful structure of these sayings. Focusing on the essence of Jesus's message, the book highlights the power, beauty, and seriousness embedded in each word.

He guides readers in understanding the profound significance of these sayings, emphasizing that they reveal Jesus as the perfect image of God and God's definitive word.

For anyone seeking a deeper connection to Jesus's teachings, this book is a valuable companion, offering insights that illuminate the core of his message with clarity and depth.

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