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The Last Tree - Print

The Last Tree - Print

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The Last Tree: A Seed of Hope

Luke Adam Hawker

B/W line drawings throughout.
Hard cover 64pp.
ISBN 9781781578704.
Ilex Press (2023).
[Allow 3-4 weeks]. 

A powerful evocation of the fragility of our natural world and a magnificent celebration of its beauty. A picture book for thoughtful children.

Imagine a world without trees. A world that is in many ways like our world, but where magnificent canopies, tree climbing and leaves rustling in the breeze are now only distant memories.

Until a young girl comes along, a girl who is brave and spirited and willing to follow where her imagination takes her. Through Olive’s adventures in the world of trees we are reminded of nature’s extraordinary power and beauty, and her actions ultimately sow the seeds of new life in her own world.

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