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The Kingdom of Children - Print

The Kingdom of Children - Print

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The Kingdom of Children: A Liberation Theology

R. L. Stolla.

Soft cover. 339pp.

ISBN 9780802882837
Eerdmans (2023).

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Stollar challenges the conventional treatment of children within churches, offering a ground-breaking liberation theology of the child. Stollar, a dedicated advocate for children's rights, urges a paradigm shift, advocating for listening to and valuing children instead of relegating them to the side-lines.

The book presents a theoretical framework that places children at the core of theological discourse, reinterpreting biblical narratives to highlight their centrality. Stollar contends that children can play as pivotal a role as priests, prophets, and theologians in our communities, supported by real studies and scriptural examples.

Each chapter provides practical activities and discussion points to encourage engagement with children on these profound concepts.

A must-read for youth ministers, parents, and all those working with children, The Kingdom of Children inspires a transformation in how we perceive and nurture the spiritual growth of the younger generation, fostering a community that uplifts and learns from its children.

Helen Paynter, director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence, commends Stollar's insights, emphasizing the potential for adults to take children more seriously and listen to them as prophets.

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