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The God Who Riots - Print

The God Who Riots - Print

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The God Who Riots: Taking Back the Radical Jesus.

By Damon Garcia.

Soft cover
ISBN 9781506480374.
Broadleaf Books (2022).

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True justice requires us to choose sides. True justice requires action.

When we look at Scripture, we see that the God of the Bible was never neutral. Again and again God chooses the side of the oppressed. Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord anointed him, “to let the oppressed go free,” and those of us who claim to follow Jesus today must commit to this radical mission of liberation.

Popular YouTuber and public theologian Damon Garcia uses his frank, tell-it-like-it-is style to connect us with the Jesus who flipped tables in the temple and led an empire-destabilising movement for liberation. The spirit of this God is embodied in today’s protests, riots, and strikes. As we join this struggle for liberation, we are joining the God who riots alongside us, within us, and through us.

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