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The Everyday Advocate - Print

The Everyday Advocate - Print

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The Everyday Advocate: Living Out Your Calling to Social Justice.

By Ross Murray.

Soft cover 213pp.
ISBN 9781506485430.
Fortress Press (2023).
[Allow 4 weeks]. 

As Christians, we are called and anointed to bring good news to the poor, release to the captives, and freedom to the oppressed. Ross Murray helps Christians explore our individual callings to justice and start taking practical steps to live that out.

 The Everyday Advocate is for the layperson who feels overwhelmed by the world’s troubles and helpless to address them. It is for the person who goes to church, hears the gospel, seeks to apply it to their lives, and yearns to be connected to, or create, a community that amplifies their voice and actions. It is also for pastors and faith leaders who want to help people think through their calling to advocacy and help connect them with the communities that can use their gifts and talents.

 “Ross Murray epitomizes finding your calling in life and using it. His work for the LGBTQ community has led to change that has saved lives and opened hearts and minds. It is a privilege to work with him every day and see him live his passion.” Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO, GLAAD

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