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The Cross Walk - PDF

The Cross Walk - PDF

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The Cross Walk - PDF

By Anna Johnstone.

Colour photography throughout
ISBN 9780473105785
Published by: Johnstone2 Photography (2010).

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There is a searching for a spirituality which embraces us in the ups and downs of our every day life. We want a spirituality in the language and idiom of our own time and place. We look for words and images for our comfort, encouragement and pleasure, words to sustain us on our faith and life journey.

I remember my delight coming upon Anna’s The God Walk: the fresh, insightful writing, the beautiful, complementary photographs, the deep spirituality. Readers can now welcome Anna’s third volume, The Cross Walk.

This is a volume to lift the spirit, to warm the heart. Anna’s reflective, dramatic monologues embrace the good news of God’s love in Jesus in a charming, conversational, grounded spirit.

Be ready for astonishing, wonderful words:

‘You love me to bits...
...and the tui
sings a love song
on the branch close by’
‘and I sit alone
in the dark belly of silent grief’
‘Another helper
an equally powerful sub
to come on after you left the game’
Be ready for photographs to fill you with wonder.
If you are looking for a book to nurture your spirit, a book to give a friend who is searching, struggling or celebrating, a book to give someone new to the Christian Faith, a book which will become someone’s treasure - you have found it.


Anna is a woman of warmth and sparkle, making her way on her own faith and life journey as a wife and mother, friend and colleague. She offers us something of herself and blesses us.

John Hunt

Praise for The Cross Walk

"Lots of people dream of writing. Far fewer actually do it. And fewer still achieve the magic that Anna Johnstone does with these reflections and images. For Anna, words are an art-form, chosen with care and needing just the lightest touch. The word pictures she creates are at once thought-provoking, life-affirming, faith-inspiring. I just hope she has more books-in-the making where this one came from."

John Cooney, Grapevine Magazine

"The Cross Walk is a fresh approach to the Christian journey. These creative and challenging insights are immersed in real life and well worth pondering. Readers will find a resonance with both their joys and sorrows as they enter into these reflections."

Joyce Rupp  

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