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The Big Picture - DVD

The Big Picture - DVD

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The Big Picture: DVD Seeing God’s Dream for Your Life.

Jevon Caldwell-Gross; Nicole Caldwell-Gross.

5 Sessions
ISBN 9781791025991.
Abingdon (2022).
[Allow 4 weeks].

Connect the dots of triumph and trauma in your life to discover God’s presence by studying the story of Joseph in Genesis. 

Life can often feel like a scattering of random events. The various choices, opportunities, or even pain we experience seem to have no real purpose or connection. But if we pay attention to God’s work, our lives tell a different story. 

The story of Joseph in Genesis teaches us to look for the big picture in our lives. It shows us how God weaves together events that seem random into a beautiful image of joy, survival, purpose, and meaning. Jevon and Caldwell-Gross take a closer look at the life of Joseph to discover God’s presence in moments of triumph and trauma. 

Join them for this five-week study and see God’s dream for your life as you begin connecting the dots of God’s grace, presence, and protection. 

Components for the five-week study include a book, comprehensive Leader Guide, DVD/Video sessions.

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