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Hodder Faith

The Bible - Print Book

The Bible - Print Book

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The Bible: A Story That Makes Sense of Life.

By Andrew Ollerton.

Soft cover 352pp.
ISBN 9781529327014
Hodder Faith (2023).

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The political, social and cultural upheaval of our times can leave us feeling bewildered and wondering where to turn for trustworthy guidance. As unlikely as it may seem, could the Bible provide ancient wisdom that helps us flourish today?

Join Andrew Ollerton as he explores the storyline of Scripture, connecting six major biblical events with six definitive human needs: for meaning, freedom, peace, community, love and for an ultimate home. In short, digestible chapters, Andrew reveals how the Bible story makes sense of our human story.

Discover for yourself a limitless source of guidance and hope in the face of so much uncertainty.

Underpinned by deep scholarship, the book is non-technical in style, making it accessible for the widest possible readership – including Christians and seekers interested in the Bible. The book also provides a model for Bible communicators and church leaders wishing to engage more deeply with the relevance of the Bible in our cultural moment.

The book includes discussion questions for small groups, as well as suggested Bible readings and reflection questions to accompany each chapter. The structure of the book makes it ideal for a home group study.

“Andrew offers us not just keys to understanding the Bible but also skilfully makes sense of our own purpose within the beautiful narrative. The wildest most wonderful thing any generation whispers to the next is that we are written into God's story - this book celebrates and embraces this essential truth.” Rachel Gardner, Director of Youthscape and author of The Girl Deconstruction Project

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