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The Alchemy of Hope - Print

The Alchemy of Hope - Print

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The Alchemy of Hope: Cycle A Sermons Based on the Second Lesson for Lent and Easter.

By James Monnett.

Pbk 98pp
ISBN 9780788030604.
CSS Publishing Company (2022).
[Allow 4 weeks].

From the moment we are reminded of our mortality on Ash Wednesday, to the Resurrection of our Lord on Easter, we recognize the love that God has for us, how he sent his own Son to die for our sins. Monnett reminds us that when our life may jump the tracks, Jesus is always with us. Jesus is our shepherd, encouraging us to treat others with kindness and through all our misfortunes, to continue loving those who wrong us.

The Alchemy of Hope discusses how we, the church, as followers of Christ, should strive to reflect the Kingdom of God on Earth. Together, we learn to respect and value one another, following the example of Jesus Christ who was obedient to the will of God, to love others regardless of their actions. He died on the cross for us, just as much as he did to save those who refused to believe, and everyone in between.

Among the 19 sermons included in this volume are:

  • Firm in the Waves
  • Breathe Grace
  • Wounds
  • Evelyn Finds Hope
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