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Story, Ritual, Prophecy, Wisdom - Print

Story, Ritual, Prophecy, Wisdom - Print

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Story, Ritual, Prophecy, Wisdom: Reading and Teaching the Bible Today

By Mark W. Hamilton; Samjung Kang-Hamilton.


Soft cover, 192pp
ISBN 9780802883186
Eerdmans (2024)


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Discover the transformative power of studying the Bible.


This insightful book provides a fresh approach to biblical education, perfect for renewing your church community. Instead of treating Scripture as mere history, the authors highlight its life-giving qualities through four modes: story, ritual, prophecy, and wisdom.


Drawing from decades of experience in theological and religious education, the authors explore how these genres address real needs in today’s church life. They offer practical advice on integrating contemporary tools like digital media, art, and music to enrich spiritual formation.


With a blend of multicultural sensitivity and ecumenical spirit, this guidebook is essential for teachers and pastors aiming to make a real difference in their students’ lives and communities.


Embrace a new approach to Scripture that brings renewed energy and wisdom to your faith journey.

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