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Pilgrim Press

Speak with the Earth and It Will Teach You - Print

Speak with the Earth and It Will Teach You - Print

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Speak with the Earth and It Will Teach You: A Field Guide to the Bible

By Daniel Cooperrider

Soft cover 200pp
ISBN 9780829800142
Pilgrim Press (2022).

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Embark on a captivating journey through nature and the Bible. Cooperrider, inspired by Wendell Berry, weaves a beautiful narrative akin to a stroll through the woods, demonstrating how the Bible is an outdoor book.

This volume doesn't just analyse the Bible's portrayal of nature; it invites readers to reflect on the author's own experiences in nature. 

Organized around the four elements, the book explores the Bible's relationship with nature through art, theology, sciences, history, and personal encounters. 

A timely work advocating for Earth's conservation as integral to religious life, it presents a compelling case for environmental responsibility. 

Praised by Bill McKibben for its value in navigating our current crisis, Cooperrider's poetic and accessible writing invites readers to love both God and the world, making this volume both charming and indispensable.

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