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Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul - Print

Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul - Print

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Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul: Celtic Wisdom for Reawakening to What Our Souls Know and Healing the World

John Philip Newell

Soft cover 288pp.
ISBN 9780063023505
HarperOne (2022)
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A leading spiritual teacher reveals how Celtic spirituality – listening to the sacred around us and inside of us – can help us heal the earth, overcome our conflicts, and reconnect with ourselves.

Newell shares the long, hidden tradition of Celtic Christianity, explaining how this earth-based spirituality can help us rediscover the natural rhythms of life and deepen our spiritual connection with God, with each other, and with the earth.

By embracing the wisdom of Celtic Christianity, we can learn how to listen to the sacred and see the divine in all of creation and within each of us. Human beings are inherently spiritual creatures who intuitively see the sacred in nature and within one another, but our cultures – and at times even our faiths – have made us forget what each of us already know deep in our souls but have learned to suppress. Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul offers a new spiritual foundation for our lives, once centred on encouragement, guidance, and hope for creating a better world.

“Not just a book about the wisdom of Celtic saints and seers of the past, this is the work of a contemporary Celtic prophet urging the world to awaken to the beauty and justice that is the heartbeat of all that is. Savor its words; live its wisdom.” Diana Butler Bass, author of Grounded and Grateful
This powerful, insightful, and refreshing book takes us back to where our tradition took some bad turns in the past and then sends us forward into the future with exactly the treasures we need. I love this book. I learned from it. I recommend it with highest enthusiasm!” Brian D. McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity
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