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Preaching the Passion - Print

Preaching the Passion - Print

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Preaching the Passion: Interpreting the Evangelists.

Gregory Dunstan.

Soft cover
ISBN 9781789592405.
Sacristy Press (2022).

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Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection are the heart and foundation of Christian faith and the gospel accounts give us an incredible window into those events.

Beginning with Mark, the first account to be written, these six series of sermons interpret the four Gospel narratives of Jesus’ passion and death. Gregory Dunstan believes that we hear the gospel best in the individual tellings of the evangelists, finding truth within the divergences of their accounts.

He discourages us from seeking our own “harmonization” to smooth out the differences, and even from wading too deeply into the work of scholars to establish a historical core behind their divergences. The four Gospels are the authenticated “witnesses” to Jesus’ death and resurrection. The differences between them give rise to a range of legitimate interpretations of Jesus’ death. These sermons explore and celebrate that richness of meaning and understanding.

Taking account of critical scholarship, but written in accessible language, this is an exploration of the foundation of Christian faith for any who would like to know more.

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