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Poems - Parables - Psalms - Haiku 4 eBook set

Poems - Parables - Psalms - Haiku 4 eBook set

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Poems - Parables - Psalms - Haiku - 4 eBook set

  • Parables and Poems by Simon Brown

  • The In-Between Land: Psalms, Poems and Haiku by Mark Gibson

  • A Celebration Of Life: Collected Poems by Meg Hartfield

  • Redemption Songs: Prayers for people like us by Mark Laurent

    You are buying a zipped file (26mb) containing eBook editions of all four eBooks in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats.

    Sold separately the eBooks are $42.50.
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    Descriptions and details

    Parables and Poems

    By Simon Brown.

    72pp. Includes many b/w photos and glossary. Published by us November 2002.


    A captivating exploration of faith and everyday life in New Zealand.

    Metaphors, imagery, and stories with deep emotional connections provide a timeless window into the teachings of Jesus.

    With evocative photos, Simon’s words deliver a powerful yet subtle spiritual message that will resonate with readers.

    • • •

    This precious collection springs from the tradition of revealing God by telling stories.

    A Baptist pastor, Simon Brown shares his spiritual insights into everyday life.

    Some stories are direct, others more subtle, but New Zealanders will identify with all of them.

    A child having fun with God playing imaginary games; sitting round a campfire beside a river; death, sin, greed, hope, laughter, family and love — all are here.

    Evocative images of people, artwork and places add depth and another dimension to reflect on.

    Parables and Poems will stir emotional connections with this land and its people.  

    Praise for Parables and Poems

    “Simon’s stories connect well with those interested in a truly kiwi Christian faith. I can imagine Jesus telling them if he were a kiwi. They can be read and enjoyed alone or told around a meal or a bottle of wine — even in church. For this collection of stories is rich in humour and at once bluntly realistic yet deeply moving. These are stories that young and old can enjoy together. Stories that help build community. Stories that will move you to tears and lead you to God. Stories that will make you laugh, make you think and challenge your values.” Alan Jamieson, from the Foreword 

    “These poems and stories are strong stuff. Of the earth, earthy, they are shot through with a sense of wonder, which is an encounter with the divine. God is here — not in celestial glory — but in the ordinary and everyday. Which sounds safe enough, but beware! In the hands of Simon Brown the ordinary and everyday can turn around and bite you.” Brian K Smith, Former Principal, Carey Baptist College 

    “Simon Brown brings us stories from the land; yarns to warm our souls and tickle our fancies. Springing God from the gorse thickets of religious claptrap, he restores the wonder and playfulness of life itself. A delightful raconteur, Brown weaves mystery and the mundane as casually as a man knotting a fishing net. In these stories and poems he trawls the imagination and brings back a healthy catch to be enjoyed over a driftwood fire at the edge of the sea. Read and enjoy.” Mike Riddell, Author


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    • • •

    The In-Between Land: Psalms, Poems and Haiku
    By Mark Gibson

    136 pages, Published by us in June 2015


    These beautifully crafted psalms, poems and haiku capture the sense of hurt, frustration, and despair felt by those affected by the 2010-2011 earthquakes in Christchurch, while also offering praise and hope for a better tomorrow.

    Through his reflective and spiritual writing, Gibson creates a moving collection that enlightens readers and encourages an appreciation of the natural world.

    • • •

    Severe earthquakes struck Christchurch in 2010–2011 and caused obvious damage to buildings, the land and waterways. The emotional impact of these events on the people who lived through them is harder to see. For many people, the city and life they knew has gone, but they are not yet able to move forward – they are stuck in-between. In this moving collection, Mark Gibson tells their story.

    His 15 psalms put before God the hurts, frustrations, injustices and despair that people feel. They also offer praise and point to a new appreciation of the natural world around us and to hope for a brighter future.

    The poems, which document and reflect on the author’s unfolding pastoral and spiritual journey, are grouped into broad categories:

    • Earthquakes
    • Loss and lament
    • Healing and renewal
    • Torrent Bay escapes
    • Life goes on

    60 haiku offer playful, snapshot impressions of living through the four seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer.

    Draw on this collection for personal nourishment, strength in difficult times  or use in worship. You are not alone. There is hope.

     Praise for The In-Between land

    “The psalms and a number of the poems lend themselves to liturgical use…” Review by Lynne Frith of The In-between Land. Book review published in Touchstone October 2015

    “…insightful, and often deeply moving.” Review by Jim Consedine of The In-Between Land. Book review published on Tui Motu Interislands Facebook page 4 August 2015

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    • • •

    A Celebration Of Life: Collected Poems

    By Meg Hartfield

    104pp. Published by us 2017


    Meg Hartfield leads us into a world full of faith, courage, and love.

    Her poems, artfully retell the story of Jesus’ life, beckoning us to explore the mystery of God’s presence among us. Meg’s vivid writing, gives us an intimate glimpse into the thoughts and emotions of the Bible characters who met Jesus, allowing us to discover and relate to their struggles.

    The power of her words will lift your spirits and renew your faith. Let her inspirational verses fill your heart with joy!

    • • •


    Meg Hartfield’s poems flow from her deep faith and a longing for a peaceful world.

    The poems in the first half of the book – Light of the World – are a retelling of the story of Jesus’ life. Starting with the Word and the nativity, then onwards to the Cross, Resurrection and Pentecost, the poems draw us into the mystery of God among us. Taken together they form a new gospel, a new sharing of the good news, for readers today.

    Meg takes us inside the heads and hearts of the Bible characters and we find that they were just like us: brave and afraid, striving to live well but often missing the point, capable of loving and of hating, of violence and of gentleness. She brings alive these dramatic stories that point us to the shining light of God’s love for us, made human in Jesus.

    Thirteen poems focus on Peace.

    “Ploughshares – implements for cutting furrows; Swords – implements for cutting people…” begins one poem. They explore the big picture of war and international conflict, and the small, everyday things we can do to create a peaceful community and world.

    This collection also includes a section of Tributes to family members and other people, poems about nature and it is rounded out by a set of happy haiku.

    Use these poems in reflective worship services, for group devotions and for personal inspiration. 

     Review by Patricia Stevenson RSJ – for Tui Motu InterIslands – Sep 24, 2017

    “This little book of poems could be described as a journal of a life. It describes a life of an ordinary person documenting her journey by means of short reflections. Meg’s life has been a series of movements from Wales to Kenya, to study and marriage in London, then on to Nigeria. Finally the family settled in Whanganui where they have created a garden from barren soil.

    The poems are arranged in five sections.

    The first is named “Light of the World” and all poems have a religious theme moving from Creation through Biblical figures towards the Resurrection. In these we see something of the author’s own understanding of the Christian message, and her involvement in parish education of children.

    The second section is about her family. Meg calls these tributes. They are loving blessings on her four children and hint at both the sorrow and joy a family brings.

    In the next two sections Meg returns to Creation. The first, called “Peace” is influenced by her time in Africa. It also speaks of the peace that so many find in a garden.
    … the sea a path of crimson and gold
    to where I stand alone on the sand- at peace
    at one with sea and sky, and the fading glory
    The section named, “Nature”, contains a wide variety of poems which reflect the fruit of hours of gardening and contemplation. Some titles in this group are, “The Plum Tree”, “New Life”, “Bees”, “Seed Wonder” and “Pohutukawa”. Each shows Meg’s appreciation Meg for the beauty around her and her acknowledgement of her Creator God.

    The final section of the book is simply labeled, “Haiku”. The author has used the haiku as a verse pattern for longer poems. I think the haiku is better suited to fragments, those tiny glimpses that bring us to a moment of wonder.

    One of the strengths of this book is that it may encourage others to keep their own journal. Many have found this method of reflection on life a powerful tool in self-awareness and growth. Meg also uses the way of the psalmist in some instances when after sharing her reflection she gives glory to God for blessings received.”  


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    • • •

    Redemption Songs: Prayers for people like us

    By Mark Laurent

    80 pages. Published by us 2016.


    Explore this one-of-a-kind book inspired by two Jewish men – King David and Leonard Cohen – who left a spiritual legacy of love and hope expressed through their spiritual psalms. 

    Following in their footsteps, these 71 songs serve as open-ended responses to The Psalms, inviting divine insight with every read. 

    Mark Laurent ushers in surprises for all seekers of spiritual truths.

    • • •


    The 71 songs in this book started out as responses to The Psalms but Mark soon found himself wandering to all sorts of places, the Psalms being good jump-off points. The songs are numbered instead of having titles, in the hope that this leaves a degree of open-ended-ness, so that God can say to you what you need to hear. Dip into them at random. May there be a few holy surprises here for you.

    Two Jewish men inspired this book. 3,000 years ago king David wrote a collection of songs to express his love, hopes and fears to God. They’ve been collected as the Psalms of the Old Testament. Thirty years ago Leonard Cohen published a collection of ‘secular prayers,’ originally called The Book Of Psalms but finally published as Book Of Mercy. Reading about Leonard’s process with Mercy sparked Mark’s desire to do some writing.

    This book is a response to those two great writers and especially to God, to whom they both sing.

    Redemption Songs isn’t a paraphrase, though from time to time that occurs. Mark started by writing responses to The Psalms, but soon found himself wandering to all sorts of places, the Psalms being good jump-off points. Mostly he didn’t write them as ‘songs’ to be sung, though a few things that started their life as song lyrics have snuck in.

    The 71 songs are numbered instead of having titles, in the hope that this leaves a degree of open-ended-ness, so that God can say to you what you need to hear. Dip into them at random. May there be a few holy surprises here for you.

    “Oh yes,” says Mark, “there’s another Jewish guy I should mention; Jesus, who I’ve loved and been agitated by ever since I discovered him (or he me). He didn’t write any songs or books, but the number of songs and books he’s inspired shows no sign of coming to an end.”

    Praise for Redemption Songs

    “…poetry in motion. Freewheeling, anguished and inspirational…” Review in NZ Catholic , 12–25 March 2017.

    “Mark Laurent’s ‘psalms’ are a conversation between head and heart, full of wisdom and truth. We read the wisdom, recognise truth, and hunger for more. They are lovely and I think many people will identify with them.” Joy Cowley, author, retreat leader

    Redemption Songs will be a breath of fresh air, comfort and encouragement to those like me who find that the Jesus walk is a mixture of highs and lows. Mark has shown us a heart which longs for the heart of God, and the heart of God which longs for us.” Anna Johnstone (author of The Jesus Walk)

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