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Parables and Poems - Print.

Parables and Poems - Print.

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Parables and Poems

By Simon Brown

72pp, 240 x 170mm,
Text includes many b/w photos and glossary.
ISBN 9780958227568
Published November 2002
Soft cover

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A captivating exploration of faith and everyday life in New Zealand. Metaphors, imagery, and stories with deep emotional connections provide a timeless window into the teachings of Jesus. With evocative photos, Simon’s words deliver a powerful yet subtle spiritual message that will resonate with readers.

• • •

This precious collection springs from the tradition of revealing God by telling stories.

A Baptist pastor, Simon Brown shares his spiritual insights into everyday life.

Some stories are direct, others more subtle, but New Zealanders will identify with all of them.

A child having fun with God playing imaginary games; sitting round a campfire beside a river; death, sin, greed, hope, laughter, family and love — all are here.

Evocative images of people, artwork and places add depth and another dimension to reflect on.

Parables and Poems will stir emotional connections with this land and its people.  

Praise for Parables and Poems

“Simon’s stories connect well with those interested in a truly kiwi Christian faith. I can imagine Jesus telling them if he were a kiwi. They can be read and enjoyed alone or told around a meal or a bottle of wine — even in church. For this collection of stories is rich in humour and at once bluntly realistic yet deeply moving. These are stories that young and old can enjoy together. Stories that help build community. Stories that will move you to tears and lead you to God. Stories that will make you laugh, make you think and challenge your values.” Alan Jamieson, from the Foreword 

“These poems and stories are strong stuff. Of the earth, earthy, they are shot through with a sense of wonder, which is an encounter with the divine. God is here — not in celestial glory — but in the ordinary and everyday. Which sounds safe enough, but beware! In the hands of Simon Brown the ordinary and everyday can turn around and bite you.” Brian K Smith, Former Principal, Carey Baptist College 

“Simon Brown brings us stories from the land; yarns to warm our souls and tickle our fancies. Springing God from the gorse thickets of religious claptrap, he restores the wonder and playfulness of life itself. A delightful raconteur, Brown weaves mystery and the mundane as casually as a man knotting a fishing net. In these stories and poems he trawls the imagination and brings back a healthy catch to be enjoyed over a driftwood fire at the edge of the sea. Read and enjoy.” Mike Riddell, Author 

“…In this book, questions are asked of the church, of God and of faith itself. It’s subversive in the sense that it represents a Christian spirituality which is open ended, all embracing and diverse. This book is liberating, it takes a fresh, and often, light-hearted approach to many of the deep spiritual issues facing followers of the Christ today…” Rosemary Neave, Future Newz 4 Summer 2003    

About the Author

Simon is married to Anita and together they’ve raised six children in the small rural community of Glenbrook, south west of Auckland, New Zealand. Simon has worked as a carpenter, commercial fisherman, cowshed hand, rouseabout, building contractor, student, labourer, pastor, school chaplain, youth worker and writer. His interests include most things but above all, he enjoys mucking around with family, and a few close friends, trading yarns. 




  • When God was young
  • Refugee camp
  • Deep mission
  • Society rules
  • The stranger
  • These old cronies
  • The Invitation
  • The Gospel of love
  • Visitation
  • Sequel
  • Spiritual gifts
  • Profit and loss
  • The liturgy of life
  • Crayfish legs and family life
  • Locking out the storm
  • Fletcher Bay
  • Modern folks in the land of the long white cloud and other places too
  • Queen of night
  • Friendly neighbours, pity about the house really
  • What!
  • Never Again!
  • Completing the Trinity
  • The Friary
  • Did you miss them Lord?
  • Trinity love
  • Hope
  • Life beyond the tomb
  • Serious prayer
  • Wisdom of a ten year old boy
  • It’s cold out



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