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For Every Matter Under Heaven - Print

For Every Matter Under Heaven - Print

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For Every Matter Under Heaven: Preaching on Special Occasions (Working Preacher #12).

Beverly Zink-Sawyer; Donna Giver-Johnston.

Pbk 256pp.
ISBN 9781506465791.
Fortress Press.(2022).
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Occasions such as weddings and funerals, church anniversaries, dedications of new buildings or furnishings, ordination and installation services, and local or national tragedies and crises, require a different kind of sermon – or at least a different process of preparation.

Most preachers have been taught that sermons begin with a biblical text, usually a text prescribed by a standard lectionary. Beverly Zink-Sawyer and Donna Giver-Johnston offer preachers a process for finding appropriate sermon texts for special occasions by considering the occasion itself, the listeners who might be gathered, and the ways God is at work in that time and place. Through this process, preachers can offer a word for every matter under heaven.

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