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Eve Isn't Evil - Print

Eve Isn't Evil - Print

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Eve Isn't Evil: Feminist Readings of the Bible to Upend Our Assumptions

By Julie Faith Parker

Soft cover, 224pp
ISBN 9781540965394
Baker Books (2023)

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One reason the Bible has endured for millennia is its ability to reach our common humanness and give uplifting insights about struggle, resilience, and hope. 

Intertwining academic knowledge and candid, personal, and sometimes humorous stories, Julie Faith Parker helps readers engage biblical texts with both mind and heart–to learn the Bible’s stories, explore theological ideas, question common assumptions, develop interpretive skills, and grow in their own faith. 

The title chapter demonstrates how feminism interprets the Bible with fresh eyes and offers empowering insights, an approach used in the rest of the book. In each chapter, Parker reads biblical texts through a feminist lens. 

The book discusses both neglected and well-known Old Testament passages with one chapter on the New Testament. 

Parker’s reflections show how vital our readings of the Bible can be as a source of strength, guidance, and joyful defiance.

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