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Daughters of Wisdom - Print Book

Daughters of Wisdom - Print Book

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Daughters of Wisdom: Women and Leadership in the Global Church.

Ahida Calderón Pilarski.

Soft cover 230pp.
ISBN 9781725290334
Cascade (2023).

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This book offers a window into current realities regarding women’s leadership in the global church and explores strategic recommendations to nurture this leadership in the 21st  century.

The essays in this volume were presented at an international conference organised by the Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology (CWCIT) at DePaul University in 2018.

The reference to “Daughters of Wisdom” in the title for this volume was aimed at capturing the diversity of ways which women have found to exercise their leadership in responding to the challenging and/or hopeful realities of their contextual locations and their faith and social communities.

The authors address particularly different aspects of women’s leadership in the Catholic Church, with a special emphasis on the global South. The contributors are lay and religious people from India, Nigeria, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, the US, Singapore, and the Philippines.

The topics explored in this volume include women’s use of Scripture, the ecclesiological basis for women in church leadership, and the leadership roles that women have been exercising already in grassroots church communities, in Marian devotion, in faith-based social movements, and in theological education.

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