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Creating a Life with God - Revised Edition - Print

Creating a Life with God - Revised Edition - Print

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Creating a Life with God - Revised Edition: The Call of Ancient Prayer Practices.

By Daniel Wolpert

Soft cover 224pp
ISBN 9780835820394
Upper Room Books (2023)

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In the 20 years since this book was first released, Wolpert’s work has inspired many to reflect on the life of prayer and what it means to be intentional about creating daily life with God. The longevity of the book speaks to a deep hunger for the practice of prayer and contemplation.

 Over the years, interest in spiritual life has grown stronger, both within the church and within popular culture. In the face of a world filled with chaos, uncertainty, and constant change, spiritual practices and prayer shape us into people who can provide healing, love, and compassion in response.

The twelve prayer practices in this book will help you take your relationship with God to a new level by:

  • Inviting you to solitude and silence
  • Inviting you to use your mind and imagination
  • Inviting you to use your body and your creativity
  • Inviting you to connect with nature and community.

Wolpert invites you to join traveling companions like Julian of Norwich and Ignatius to help illuminate each of these prayer practices.

This revised edition includes two new chapters and two new companions: Saint Brigit, who invites us to take a spiritual look at climate change, and Howard Thurman, noted pastor, author, and contemplative, who invites us to explore how spiritual practices inspire social transformation.

These new chapters build on the original twelve prayer practices and ask how we can use the practice of prayer to engage a world in crisis.

Alongside these traveling companions, you will discover how classical approaches to God can deepen your prayer life and help prepare you to engage the world as a fearless ambassador for God’s goodness.

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