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Centering Jesus - Print

Centering Jesus - Print

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Centering Jesus: How the Lamb of God Transforms Our Communities, Ethics, and Spiritual Lives.

By Derek Vreeland.

Soft cover 224pp
ISBN 9781641586191
Navpress (2023)
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With all the hostility boiling just under the surface of our world, we need a renewed vision of Jesus as the Lamb of God who can lead us in the peaceable ways of the Kingdom. When we fail to keep Jesus at the centre of our lives, we lean into the desires of our hearts more than the desires God has for us.

As a result, our entire spirituality becomes driven by the self and for the self. We need renewed practices of centering Jesus in our hearts and minds.

Vreeland invites you to imagine what it looks like to keep Jesus as the Lamb of God at the centre of three key areas of our lives:

  • our spiritual formation
  • our moral lives, and
  • our common life together.

Learn how to:

  • identify the problems that occur when Jesus is obscured from our view
  • walk through some of the key biblical descriptions of the Lamb
  • describe a Lamb-shaped and Jesus-cantered approach to the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and love, the foundation of our moral lives, and
  • experience the Lamb at the centre of common life together, specifically worship life, participation in acts of justice, and political life.
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