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Breath of the Spirit - Sets of .jpg images (Media.)

Breath of the Spirit - Sets of .jpg images (Media.)

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Breath of the Spirit: Photographs & Joyful Words for Gentle Meditation – Sets of .jpg images

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You are buying two zipped sets of 57 full colour images each from this collection. (2022)

It was suggested to us that the images with one or two words imposed on them would work well on digital photo album displays in rest homes or similar settings.

There is a set of images 800 pixels wide and another 1200 pixels wide, so you can choose which image size works best for your needs.

The zipped files also contain a short PDF document listing the details and credits for the images.

Do you feel tired, stressed, over busy? Does the world around you seem dull and flat? Pause and let these 57 photographs with simple words boost your spirit.

Photographer Alexander Garside helps us to see the world through fresh eyes, and to appreciate the beauty of nature and our urban landscape. There is joy, light and life all around us
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