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Better Send-off - Print

Better Send-off - Print

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Better Send-off: The Ultimate Funeral Guide

Gail McJorrow

Pbk 142pp
ISBN 9780994106971
Makaro Press (2015)
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Customers have been asking us for this book recently.

Gail is a home funeral guide and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering families to stop out-sourcing their loved ones funeral to strangers, e.g. a professional funeral home, and to instead bring it back in-house and make it the intimate and connected sacred journey that it should be.

She will get you started on one of the most important tasks of your life with ways to save 1000's of dollars on your funeral as well as creative ideas on how to personalise a funeral, leave a green legacy and most importantly give your loved one a meaningful send-off.

She wants you to 'enjoy' the funeral rather than just 'endure' it. Your funeral is a sacred, intimate journey. Taking control of this process is an empowering and transformative experience for everyone involved. This book is a welcome guide for the bereaved and a useful resource for celebrants and funeral directors.

“Reading this book is like chatting with a wise auntie over a cuppa at your kitchen table. McJorrow uses a comforting, conversational style to explore some of life’s most difficult decisions. As an overview of the options now available to New Zealanders, Better Send-Off is both a welcome guide for the bereaved and a useful resource for celebrants and funeral directors.” Larry Timberlake, Editor of Pānui – Official Journal of the Celebrants Association of NZ

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