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Being God’s Image - Print Book

Being God’s Image - Print Book

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Being God’s Image: Why Creation Still Matters.

By Carmen Joy Imes.

Soft cover 248pp.
ISBN 9781514000205.
IVP Academic (2023).

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What does it mean to be human? This timeless question proves critical as we seek to understand our purpose, identity, and significance.

Amidst the many voices clamouring to shape our understanding of humanity, the Bible reveals important truths related to our human identity and vocation that are critical to the flourishing of all of creation.

Imes recovers the theologically rich messages of the creation narratives starting in the book of Genesis as they illuminate what it means to be human. Every human being is created as God’s image. Imago Dei is our human identity, and God appointed humans to rule on God’s behalf. She explores the implications of this kinship relationship with God and considers what it means for our work, our gender relations, our care for creation, and our eternal destiny. The Bible invites us into a dramatically different quality of life: a beloved community in which we can know God and one another as we are truly known.

Includes a discussion guide for personal reflection or group study, as well as links to related video material through the BibleProject.

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