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Thomas Nelson

As Long as You Need - Print

As Long as You Need - Print

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As Long as You Need: Permission to Grieve

By J.S. Park


Soft cover, 240pp
ISBN 9781400336845
Thomas Nelson (2024)


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Park, a seasoned hospital chaplain, extends a compassionate hand to those navigating the complex journey of grief.


Drawing from his rich experience with the sick, dying, and bereaved, Park offers not only permission but also a gentle guide for processing loss and healing at your own pace.


He delves into the various dimensions of grief – spiritual, mental, physical, and relational – providing practical self-care and soul-care strategies along the way. Park dismantles common myths about grief, encouraging readers to embrace their pain without rushing or suppressing it. Through stories of patients and families, he offers empathy, hope, and recognition of the multifaceted nature of loss.


Whether you’re grappling with recent or longstanding grief, Park’s words resonate with authenticity and understanding. He affirms the uniqueness of each person’s grief journey while offering a comforting reminder: it’s okay to take as long as you need to heal.


From the emergency room to deathbeds, he has witnessed the rawness of human suffering and the resilience of the human spirit.


Park extends a lifeline to those in mourning, reminding them that their grief is valid and worthy of time and space.


As Long as You Need is a beacon of light for anyone navigating the dark waters of loss.


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