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Tongan Methodist authors in Aotearoa - 3 Print Book Set

Tongan Methodist authors in Aotearoa - 3 Print Book Set

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Tongan Methodist authors in Aotearoa - 3 print book set

  • Culture Crossroads by Rubinstine Manukia
  • Fisi’inaua ‘i Vaha - A Tongan Migrant’s Way by Siosifa Pole
  • Weaving, Networking & Taking Flight by ‘Alifeleti Vaitu’ulala Ngahe

These books, by leading Tongan Methodist authors in Aotearoa, delve into the challenges and opportunities for Christian ministry across cultures, and explore issues facing Pasifika people in this country today.

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Culture Crossroads: Dealing with the Pressures and Demands on Pacific Islanders Living in Aotearoa

By Rubinstine Manukia

Published:  30 June 2021
Language: English
Words: 20,310
B/W text, 64 pp, 6″ x 9″ 
Soft cover
ISBN: 9781988572710


Pasifika people are at a crossroads and need to decide whether to retain their traditional cultural values and practices, to adopt those of the majority of New Zealanders or to find a middle pathway to the future. They feel under pressure in their lives in Aotearoa.

In response, many older Pasifika people and those raised in the Pacific Islands, choose to run their Aotearoa churches and take part in the life of their church in the same way they did in the Islands. This brings them comfort and a feeling of security.

Ruby suggests that churches in New Zealand generally, and Pasifika members as a sub-group within their national bodies, should have the right to decide for themselves their response to theological and ethical issues.

These issues feed into an argument that Aotearoa should have a written constitution that acknowledges the tenets of all faiths, religions, cultures and ethnicities.

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Fisi’inaua ‘i Vaha - A Tongan Migrant’s Way: A Methodist Minister Applies Tongan Social Concepts in a New Zealand Setting

By Siosifa Pole

Published:  29 July 2020
Language: English
NZ Print edition:
B/W text, 118 pages
Soft cover
ISBN: 9781988572475

This book reflects Rev Pole’s journey of ministry in the Methodist of Church of New Zealand, and also his desire to share his experiences as a Tongan migrant who is practicing ministry in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“In this challenging collection of essays we hear the voice of a modern Tongan religious leader exploring with us, his readers, what it is to inhabit two island worlds… Always speaking from a close sense of gathered family connections and gifted with an undiminished delight in the natural world around him, he proudly brings the words and images of his Tongan background into a conversation that has been developing for many years among Christian communities in this much-colonized land.” From the Preface by Emeritus Professor Colin Gibson.

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Weaving, Networking & Taking Flight: Engaged Ministry in Avondale Union and Manurewa Methodist parishes 2006-2014

By ‘Alifeleti Vaitu’ulala Ngahe

Paperback: 68 pages
Published: October 2014
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 inches
Colour: Black and White
Soft cover
ISBN: 9781501004476

Church life and ministry is changing. Alongside this, our communities are changing and are often stressed. How does the Church engage effectively with the communities in which they are set?

Rev Ngahe says, “Over my years in ministry it has become clear that people are excited and enthusiastic about engaging in God-talk and living out the Gospels. …communities come together when a vision and the possibility of achieving positive change are offered.”

Rev Ngahe’s approach is to create strategies for change by engaging in deep theological thinking, in networking with key local people and organisations, and in careful reflection on learnings from his ministry. He believes all people in a community have a contribution to make and hopes this book will encourage church and other local leaders to work effectively in their communities.

“…rich with stories, metaphors and invitations for ministering across cultures…”
Jione Havea

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