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The Holy Spirit in the Christian Life - Print

The Holy Spirit in the Christian Life - Print

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The Holy Spirit in the Christian Life: The Spirit’s Work For, In, and Through Us.

By Cheryl M. Peterson

Soft cover. 208pp.
ISBN 9781540963925
Baker Academic (2024).

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This book offers a fresh look at the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, focusing specifically on the question of the person and work of the Spirit in our lives.

Lutheran theologian Cheryl Peterson identifies three key movements of the Christian life showing the Spirit’s role in each:

  • Justification (God the Holy Spirit working for us)
  • Sanctification (God the Holy Spirit working in us), and
  • Mission (God the Holy Spirit working through us) 

She explores scriptural and doctrinal perspectives about the person and work of the Holy Spirit – especially from churches with Reformation roots – in view of contemporary spiritual movements, including the spiritual-but-not-religious, Pentecostal and charismatic movements. In addition, she explores how the Spirit works through Word, sacrament, and spiritual gifts.

This book is ideal for seminarians and working pastors.

“In this wonderful book, Peterson brings together biblical and theological resources on the Holy Spirit. She also attends to contemporary spiritual expressions – from the Pentecostal and charismatic to those considered ‘spiritual but not religious.’ I highly recommend this book for use in colleges, seminaries, and congregations and to anyone interested in the work of the Holy Spirit in our time.” Lois Malcolm, Luther Seminary


Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Christian Life, Person and Work of the Spirit, Justification, Sanctification, Mission, Scriptural Perspectives, Doctrinal Perspectives, Reformation Roots, Contemporary Spiritual Movements, Word and Sacrament, Spiritual Gifts, Seminarians, Working Pastors, Biblical Resources, Theological Resources, Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, Spiritual But Not Religious

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