Collection: Mid-April 2023 Book List

Here are books to nourish your spiritual life and ministry.

This list features two new compilations of highly respected Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann's writings on the topics of Salvation and the Liberating God of the Bible and Worshiping Through Praise and Lament in the Psalms.

We also feature Ecosystems of Jubilee, which:

  • Explores the foundational elements of God’s vision for economics and justice.
  • Unpacks the Old Testament economic laws related to gleaning, Sabbath, and Jubilee.
  • Imagines what it might mean to embody the values and practices of this economic ethical framework today at the neighbourhood level.

Topics of other books include:  

  • How the Old Testament functions as Christian Scripture
  • Whether Paul’s writings should be read as a decisive new beginning, or whether should it be understood as the glorious fulfilment of Israel’s covenant?
  • Praying with People at the End of the World.

The small group study The Big Picture: Seeing God’s Dream for Your Life rounds out the selection.