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Fresh from the Word 2023 - Print

Fresh from the Word 2023 - Print

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Fresh from the Word 2023: Daily Bible Studies from Around the World: Read, Reflect, Grow

David Painting ed.

Pbk 384pp
ISBN 9780281087518
SPCK (2022)

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The book helps us build the discipline of Bible reading into our lives so we are grounded in God’s word and our faith will deepen and develop. By offering accessible and engaging material, it aids our understanding of the Bible and helps us understand it from different Christian perspectives.

One of the key themes in this year’s edition is ‘Hidden Heroes & Heroines,’ characters in the Bible who are overlooked but play a pivotal role in the unfolding of the Kingdom. As we read their stories, we may be encouraged that our lives, though they sometimes feel insignificant, are indeed being used by God in ways possibly beyond our imagining!

The book also explores the different types of literature in the Bible. A number of the international and diverse community of writers who have contributed their wisdom, understanding and hard-won insights to encourage and bless us, unpack passages written in each particular style. And so we learn how we might safely interpret poetry, law, prophecy, narrative or apocalyptic. The hope is that these reflections – and indeed the complete volume – will help us see revealed that which was previously hidden from us.

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