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Memoir and Autobiography - 4 eBook set

Memoir and Autobiography - 4 eBook set

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Memoir and Autobiography - 4 eBook set

  • Pat’s India by Pat Booth

  • Faith Evolving by Trish McBride

  • A Love Quilt by Trish McBride

  • Purple Hands by Barbara Walker

You are buying a zipped file (79mb) containing eBook editions of all four eBooks in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats.

Sold separately the eBooks are $60.50.
The set is priced at just $52.00saving you $8.50.

Descriptions and details

Pat’s India: Memories Of Childhood

By Patricia Booth

Published: July 2017
Language: English
140 pages
Words: 21,800
Includes 30 black and white photographs, 2 maps and 20 b/w scans of letters written by Pat aged 5-16 years.

How do we define our own culture? Where do we belong?

Patricia Booth, daughter of NZ Baptist missionaries, was born in NE India during WWII. At 16, she experienced a year in Feilding, NZ, feeling like a foreigner. Through her childhood memories, she ponders the influences that shaped her identity & sense of belonging.

She draws on 200 letters to her parents, written over 50 years.

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Faith Evolving: A Patchwork Journey - 3rd edition

By Trish McBride

218 pages
Published: 6 September 2016
Language: English

Trish’s Christian faith evolved into a belief in a God unbounded by denomination. Faith Evolving weaves her life’s experiences into a narrative touching hearts and inviting readers to reflect on their own journeys.

Trish has two aims: to show an ordinary woman’s faith journey and to encourage readers to consider their own. Trish’s life is now peaceful, cultivated with simplicity, grandkids, silence, and more quilt-making. God is Life-Force, Jesus is her companion, and Mystery is Holy.

This third edition is divided into three sections showing her journey from a striving young adult in 1974 to a mature, joyous one in 2005.

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A Love Quilt: Later Faith Patches

By Trish McBride

Published:  10 October 2020
Language: English
Words: 56,231
B/W text, 154 pages

This work displays spiritual insight and richness. Trish McBride opens her story and soul to readers, allowing them to benefit from her deep understanding of her pilgrimage. Stories engage and challenge readers to consider their deep story and, most of all, discover Love.

Trish covers diverse topics such as mental health, faith, ethnicity, and LGBTI. Contemplation, mysticism, and the Nameless One’s metaphors, alongside social justice, shape Trish’s journey. Trish invites readers to examine their faith and incorporate new experiences.

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Purple Hands: A Kiwi Nurse-Midwife’s Response in Times of Crisis

By Barbara Walker QSO

Published:  July 2020
Language: English
B/W text, 12 pages colour photos
Total 206 pages

Barbara Walker, a Kiwi nurse-midwife, shares her inspiring stories of 20 years spent working with international aid agencies around the world to serve refugees fleeing famine, political unrest, and disasters. From Thailand’s Sakeo One Refugee Camp to a death threat-induced ending in Mozambique, her Christian faith kept her strong.

Her early life in NZ and chaplaincy call upon her return are also featured. Post-COVID, we all have a chance to work together to address inequalities – by listening, sharing, building trust, and partnering, we can all make a difference.

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